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A Very Important Analysis for All Royals Fans to Read


Insider content, but the title and first paragraph or two will let regular RRers know why it's linked.

Catcher's ERA: As Stupid as Ever


R. J. Anderson at BtBS obviously hasn't talked to Zack Greinke about this. Includes an appearance by an old frenemy.

TO: Royals Unable to Find Themselves in the Standings


'"We looked in all the usual places: third place, fourth place, even fifth place, and we didn't see our name anywhere," said Royals GM Dayton Moore, who added that he even peeked at the AL West standings to see if perhaps the team had been moved to a different division.'

The quest for respectability, 2009 edition


Craig Brown of THT included the Royals in his latest article, and it seems he agrees with NYRoyal about HoRam being put in the rotation.

Driveline Archives: Zack Greinke


Kyle got his old Driveline Archives imported to SBNation finally... check out this Greinke analysis.



omg henry blanco w/ a 82.6 mentor rating!!!1111one good one, paul

Fangraphs adds Wins Above Replacement (WAR)


Also dollar values per year. Obviously, it's not perfect -- not everyone will agree with the defensive stats, market value, or the replacement level. wRAA (wOBA Runs Above Average) isn't yet park adjusted there. bUZR needs to be completed (in the works), arm ratings are needed, as well as baserunning, catcher defense, and so on. It also seems they haven't done pitchers yet... But it's still pretty cool. I like(d) doing it myself and pretending to be an analyst. There goes 85% of my posts, which is probably a relief to you all. You don't need me anymore, if you ever did (although I'm happy to see that many of their evaluations met my own). Hmmmm... since fangraphs also usually carries the James, CHONE, ZiPS, and other projections... well, let's just say it's a good thing BP does fantasy and has EqBRR. Here are some Royals (and others of interest) WARs/$ values (in millions) from 2008. Remember that for position players, "2" is about average: Alex Gordon: 2.7/$12.1 David DeJesus: 3.8/$17.1 Mike Aviles: 4.4/$19.8 Jose Guillen: 0.2/$0.9 Emil Brown: 0.5/$2.1 Coco Crisp: 1.1/$4.9 Mark Teahen: 0.3/$1.2 Mark Grudzielanek: 1.6/$7.0 Alberto Callaspo: 1.2/$5.2 Ross Gload: -0.5/-$3.5 Justin Huber: 0.2/$0.9 Tony Pena, Jr: -1.3/-$5.8 Ryan Shealy: 0.7/$3.2 Billy Butler: 0.1/$0.5 Mike Jacobs: -0.2/-$0.7 Mathew Tupman: 0.1/$0.3

Rany on Grienke


Rany with one of his longest works yet. He really wants to sign Grienke, but doesn't think it will happen. What I found more interesting then everything though was the following quote: "Baird didn’t get Beltran signed to a long-term deal, but as it happens, it wasn’t for lack of trying, or even for lack of succeeding – negotiations with Beltran were proceeding well until factors outside of Baird’s control intervened. (The more I learn about the Allard Baird Era, the more I’m convinced that the Allard Baird Era was not the fault of Allard Baird.)" I'd love to hear that story.

Cubs showing interest in Teahen


When should we expect a "That's a lie. Anything you've heard about trading Teahen to the Cubs is a lie." rebuttal?

Fangraphs on the Royals' 2008 Minor Leagues


Interesting given our recent polls and discussions. Not sure what people will think of this in general, but I like fangraphs, so here it is. Short summary (click link above for full details): The Graduate: Mike Aviles The Riser: Alex Caldera The Tumbler: Jeff Bianchi The '08 Draft Pick: Tim Melville The '09 Sleeper: Jose Bonilla Also worth checking out is their review of the Braves' minor leagues. Here's the entry for the Braves' '09 Sleeper: 'Erik Cordier was one of the Royals' brightest, young pitching prospects before being derailed by Tommy John surgery. The Royals sold low on Cordier and shipped him to the Braves for Tony Pena Jr., who became the starting shortstop for the club in 2007 but was brutal in 2008. Cordier missed all of 2007 (and 2005 due to a knee injury) but returned to the mound this season for 11 starts. He was not overly sharp, but his fastball was around 92-93 mph (He was touching 98 mph before the injury) and his secondary pitches were not sharp (He showed a plus change-up before the injury). With another year separating him from the surgery, Cordier could be poised for a breakout 2009 season.' Enjoy!

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