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Mariners Off-Season Plan


We must keep an eye on our hated rivals.

Chad Cordero Signs a minor league deal with the Mariners


Oh well, it would have been nice, but if the Mariners got him on this deal, it probably would have taken 2/$9.5M with a $1M club option for 2010 for the Royals to get him.

MLB Network Releases Spring Training Broadcast Schedule


Three Royals games March 15 vs. the Giants March 20 vs. the Dodgers March 29 vs. the Mariners (the whole country will witness the Battle for Grass Creek!) We'll be on national TV more times in March than we will the rest of the season.

Mariners Hire Tom Tango


The Battle for Grass Creek continues to slide the other way. But hey, we have Jose Guillen!

Mariners to Try More of that "Statistical Analysis" All the Kids are Talking About


Although the M's new GM has a reputation as a scouting guy (in his previous job, he was the guy largely responsible for drafting much of the Brewers' young talent), he's going to start a whole department for sabermetric stuff. Here's a particularly interesting line that caught my eye: "The Mariners have relied on freelance stats consultant Mat Olkin the past few seasons. Olkin was employed simultaneously by the Kansas City Royals last season and worked primarily out of his home office in Connecticut." That's right, the Royals shared a sabermetric consultant with the Mariners. No wonder they liked Yuniesky Betancourt so much!

FanGraphs: David DeJesus has single biggest offensive play of the 2008 season

DDJ Walks All the Way to Grass Creek with his July 12, 2008 walkoff homer that swung the win expectancy of the game by 90.36%. Note the key role that Billy Butler's walk played, as well. It will be fun to look back on this game when David is patrolling left at Turner Field.

Battle for Grass Creek Heats Up


Are the Royals better than the Mariners? Those SOBs on Lookout Landing are still in denial. Typical Mariner fan insanity! LOL !!!!!11111

Umm... Does This Look Familiar to Anyone?


Just off Interstate 95, not all too far from Florence, S.C., is a little place called Manning. In the giant battle zone that is the Orioles-Rays rivalry, this unassuming way station on the great coastal corridor just happens to be the very front line. Sitting equidistant to Baltimore and St. Petersburg, Fla., it represents the physical demarcation line of loyalties in this epic encounter of enmity. All those to the south of Manning are in the Rays' camp. All those to the north side with the Orioles. Any deviance from this geo-fandom would be a betrayal of the natural order of things. ------ No, that's nothing like when I wrote the Battle for Grass Creek piece. No, not at all.

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