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Mariners Off-Season Plan


We must keep an eye on our hated rivals.

Royals Battle for Grass Creek Again


 As you probably know, Royals-Mariners is a HUGE rivarly. But again, if you live anywhere east of Chicago and south of the Yukon, you already knew that. We battle the Mariners for Wyoming each...

The Battle for Grass Creek Series Preview (with Dave Cameron Interview)


Kansas City at Seattle Series Preview with Dave Cameron Interview

My Top Five Suggested Replacements for Trey Hillman

  1. Joe Torre. Is he ready to accept the ultimate challenge and massage the Royals into winners? Because he totally could.
  2. Bobby Valentine. The roller coaster saga of Joe Posnanski's enthusiasm followed by disillusionment makes this a no-brainer.
  3. Mike Sweeney. His faith makes him the near-perfect Dayton hire. His Baird-era connection makes him the perfect 2012 scapegoat. This Grass Creek double agent deserves a reward for his outstanding work.
  4. Tony Pena, Sr. Veteran leader Jason Kendall would give him plenty of clubhouse "slug," so this wouldn't just be about unintentional comedy. Okay, yes it would.
  5. Buddy Bell. He was right about at least one thing -- it can always get worse.

ESPN & MLB Make Huge Mistake Not Opening the Season With Royals-Mariners on Sunday Night


The Royals will open the season at home, against Detroit. The Mariners, meanwhile, will start their season in Oakland. As usual, both the men directly involved and the fans of these two teams, will...

Jason Kendall found his purpose...conquering parts unknown.


Jason Kendall found his purpose...conquering parts unknown.

Almost as Good as Seeing Greinke: devil & Mrs. _fingers to Attend Baseball Game


I'm going to see the hated Seattle Mariners play the Blue Jays. Not quite like seeing Greinke, but it also beats dying from Appendicitis. Maybe Ryan Langerhans will sign a foul ball for me or...

Bruce Chen Seizes Grass Creek Glory, First Win in Years


Good for Bruce, one of the more likeable random non-helpful Royals of the Dayton Moore era. Mariners vs Royals coverage, Mariners vs Royals recap, Lookout Landing

The Battle for Grass Creek Resumes


"It is for this," he said, bending down to grab a handful of Grass Creek soil, "that we are fighting." After hearing these words, the team of soldiers ("psy ops") returned to work more vigorously...

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