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Buster Olney Gets Phenomenological on Salvador Perez


What does Salvador Perez signify?

Top 10 of '08: Bay in Boston; A Star? Is Born?, 8/1/08


via cache.daylife.com It's safe to say that the first day of August dawned with a number of conflicting feelings for Red Sox fans. I'm going to sell myself out as a big softy by telling you that...

Top of '08, #9: "Being" being "Being", 5/14/08


At the time, we were actually one run ahead, though we eventually lost the game. The stage is set: inning 4, @ Baltimore, Sox ahead 1-0 with Jon Lester on the mound. 1 out, 2 runners on, and Kevin...

Drew and Manny, Sox Warriors.


via d.yimg.com You know. We've been told for years that Manny is a soft player, unwilling to play through pain and that his MBM antics result in him missing many games per season. "Being" is, of...



via d.yimg.com It's just a number. I've heard that a bit over the past couple of days. And those severely misguided individuals have a point: other than being a "nice round number", what does...



via www.fangraphs.com Summary: Can I be upset? We wasted a great start from Wakefield, a guy who is known for being a bit up-and-down. Credit to Bedard, who pitched extremely well, but we need...

Game Story: Blah. Blah. No. F. No.


The Catch: For baseball fans all over, this should make one recall Willie Mays and his over-the-shoulder catch. For non-Patriot/Giant football fans, you might think of Joe Montana - Dwight Clark....

Settle In, Folks. We're going all over the place.


First... via www.fangraphs.com Summary: Two straight bad starts for Buchholz. Squeezed or not, a pitcher's primary weapon should be a well-located fastball. Buch hasn't had one for awhile, and...

Wakefield = Awesome. Timlin = Didn't Ruin the Awesome.


via www.fangraphs.com Summary: I pretty accurately summed up Wake's outing in the title. Sure, the Tigers offense is struggling. But I think any time Magglio Ordonez, Miguel Cabrera, Curtis...

Another Night of Soccer. Brought to you by the Jays and the Sox.


via www.fangraphs.com Summary: I don't even know what to say at this point. The Jays and the Sox have the best pitching since the I didn't care about actually looking that up. The Jays and the...

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