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Bunts, Beanballs, Billy Butler: The 2008 Kansas City Royals and The Office

Ah, September. All too often since 1985, this has meant the end of the Royals' season is nigh. Yet, as so many have noted, this particular September has witnessed a streak of truly Royal...

Real Nicknaming for a Real Royals Blog: Updates and Suggestions


Hello all. I'm on vacation again with a mystery wireless connection. I didn't want to take up a whole FanPost with this stuff, but I did want to update people on the Nicknaming situation (the link above is to my original post), as well as see where we wan to go with this. This is particularly relevant at the moment since Rany has finally come around and given a nickname to Butler. Congrats, I guess, to finally catching up, despite poo-pooing our own series. Shall we review the results so far? (If you weren't around or missed this whole thing, you might want to start by reading the original post linked above, then go through each of the following in order. 1) AVILANCHE. Mike Aviles, the subject of so much debate before his callup, was claimed by us long before the rest of KC got on the bandwagon. This is a good one, and it started here. 2) Hoagy Manwich, Team Baby Inspector. It's be initially witty, yet becomes less funny each time you hear it. "Hoagie/Hoagy/JoGui" won, and I think that's the base, but, as philofthenorth opined, the combination of several suggestions into "Hoagie Manwich, Team Baby Inspector" does sound like a Will Farrell or (shudder) Rob Schneider vehicle. And "Hoagie" is clever on many levels -- can be spelled without reference to Jose Guillen but still makes one think of him automatically, calls to mind his weight problems (and obliquely recalls "Manwich"), while also falling into/mocking the "A-Rod" boring nickname trend. 3) RamRam. This one is canonical, as I've heard that it's been used on broadcasts. It feels too easy, like we're running out of steam, but, hey, who am I to argue with the people? So that's where we're at. We've only got about two months before Rany does another one by fiat, and I admit that I don't know exactly where to take it next. I hope that people will use the comment space here to suggest 1) who to do next (that's what she said), and 2) nominate nicknames for the players that are left. Initially, I was hoping to do the bench players and "grinders" and avoid the "stars," and I still think that is more fun, in a way, but people can do what they want. Let's hear it! (And, yes, if people want to abandon this mission, I will resign myself to that, too.)

OT: Even Hitler is sick of all the Favre coverage. If you haven't watched this, trust me, it's q...


OT: Even Hitler is sick of all the Favre coverage. If you haven't watched this, trust me, it's quite hilarious.

Ichiro's All-Star Peptalk


Great stuff. Ichiro!'s overratedness may be underrated, but this makes me sort of like him. Like I like Joel. As others have said: he's been doing this for all these years and no one bothered to tell him that no one gives a crap about the All-Star Game? Also features the cultural sensitivity of Miguel Tejada.


Decision 2008: Nicknaming Jose Guillen, or, Won't Someone Please Think of the (Bleep)ing Babies?

"A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds, adored by little statesmen and philosophers and divines. With consistency a great soul has simply nothing to do. He may as well concern...

Game 78 Overflow Thread


That (bleep)er Jose Guillen has actually taken two (bleep)ing walks today, but he'll never take this (bleep)ing bunch of (bleep)ing infants to the (bleep)(bleep)(bleep)ing World Series. ...or will...


4 in a row baby! It's time 2 make some moves!!!111ONE!

Get the Cards a body bag , yeeeeaaahhh! Just when we thought the season might be over, Mike "The Missing Avilanche of Salvation" Aviles begins to rake and lead this whole team to a series of wins...

Mature Leadership in Baseball: One Case History


Not trying to pile on, just some useful reference material.

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