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Buzz gets roughed up by security guards at College World Series


Wow. No one deserves to get beat up. No one is saying that Buzz did. OK, I guess Daulerio kind of did. But I'm not. I'm sorry to beat a washed-up sportswriter, but let us reflect on exactly how "rare" and "out of character" Buzz's outburst on Costas Now was. This is the guy who complains about the breakdown of society and the immaturity and lack of civility on blogs. Here is a brief, non-chronological list off the top of my head (I wish I could have made this a "List," but I wanted the link and a place to reflect). Note that the Times piece and the story about Griffey are right from his own mouth/word processor (more likely, old-timey non-electric typewriter. Less speed, after all), so it's not like someone else is embellishing them. The other two are on internet video and streaming radio for all to peruse. -- Buzz goes so nuts at the College World Series that he gets beat up by security in front of his kids, and apparently has no problem writing about it in a column for the New York Times. -- Costa Now! "Excuse me, but you're full of shit." W. C. Heinz was never so poetic. -- In another "isolated incident," that was totally unlike how he really is, Buzz tell Ken Griffey, Jr. that he "doesn't give a fuck" if Jr. doesn't want to talk to him. -- In the spirit of open criticism and exchange of ideas, Buzz responds to Boog Sciambi's questions on the radio by calling a different host a "slimebucket." It's at the end of his time on the air, so at least he wasn't promoting "speed" or whatever. Yeah, the Costas thing was definitely out of character. Buzz is a shining star of civility that we should all emulate. I'm not sure where people get the idea that he's some angry guy with a short fuse who isn't subject to reason. Buzz Bissinger: picture of civility, and an internet meme that won't die soon. Buzz, America is ready to embrace you. All you have to do is turn your life around like Josh Hamilton.


The Joe Posnanski Drinking Game

Everyone loves Joe Posnanski. OK, I'm not sure about that. But everyone should love Joe Posnanski. I won't go into all the things that are great about Posnanski's columns, blogs, and books. That's b...

Of course I [Buzz Bissinger] asked for it by saying in Three Nights that sabermetricians don't lo...


Of course I [Buzz Bissinger] asked for it by saying in Three Nights that sabermetricians don't love the game of baseball. That set their hair on fire. So did a theory I posed (I emphasize theory) that young pitchers get hurt because they don't pitch enough in the minors. It was four paragraphs in a 7,000-word piece about Kerry Wood for Play, and Wood himself agreed with the theory. What they really hated was that one of my sources was Tony La Russa, whose performance over the past four years, including this one, makes Billy Beane look like a Little League GM." So much to love about this -- the Beane-LaRussa comparison, the notion that he was unfairly attacked, and more. My favorite is that Mr. Journalistic Responsibility neglects to mention that the "attacks" on Three Nights in August showed that he didn't even bother to do a basic Google search or consult the easily-accessible information that could have established the historical point about innings in the minor leagues once and for all. You see, Buzz, one of the requirements for something called a "theory" (as you so cleverly try to qualify it) is that it can be confirmed or disconfirmed. As I've said before, I suppose he didn't have any money left for an expensive phone call or email to Stats, Inc. or wherever after picking up LaRussa's bar tab for a night or two.


There is no Premium on Ideas, or, The Battle For Grass Creek is Not Alone


I wasn't going to write anything about Buzz Bissinger and his petulant, sanctimonious, and ill-informed rage. Not that I didn't care, far from it in fact; it actually ruined my day yesterday. Being...

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