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Ramon Castro signs with Blue Jays for 1/1$M


In other words, for the average annual salary of some crappy old catcher, say, I dunno, Jason Kendall Ivan Rodriguez, the Blue Jays have signed two of the three best free agent catcher. The third is probably Rod Barajas Jason Kendall, of course. Full post on Jays catcher "bonanza" tomorrow PM at FanGraphs.

Guess. No, really, guess.


Sigh. Probably a post coming on this at FanGraphs later tonight or tomorrow morning. T the P

Rany's Catching Up with the Rest of Us


Good for him... he even uses the phrase "it isn't fun anymore." [(c) Will McDonald] That's not to say I'm glad he's done writing for the season -- that sucks, and I'll miss him. But at least now he's where many of were at last offseason regarding Dayton Moore's "abillities." The increasing stories of inability to handle criticism are depressing and predictable. I urge any media members who happen to be reading this to continue pushing the boundaries as far as you can without getting "banned." Remember -- you could be next. No matter how many vision-challenged and "locker room leaders" Dayton Moore drafts, this teams will never legitimately compete until a new GM is in. I can't speak for anyone else, but I don't want to wait a season, or even a day longer. I've "watched this guy GM everyday." He sucks. As NYRoyal said, "Next."

Royals Slightly Better than the Yankees


Only the fifth least-efficient team in baseball in in the Dayton Moore era! Don't ever badmouth the process! The process is sound! The process is fine! [h/t: Tango]

Watching Yuni Play Everyday: Tango on UZR, Betancourt, and the Fans Scouting Report


Commenting on R. J. Anderson's response to Dayton Moore's comments on Betancourt and defensive metrics, Tango agrees:: "I do NOT believe in UZR trends. I DO believe in Fans’ Scouting Report trends. Without the Fans’, you look at the +2, +1, -1, -13, and see that someone who was a bit lucky his first three years, and very unlucky last year. With the Fans, that -13 is scary looking." If Tango is so smart, he'd be working for a baseball team! What's that?

Royals may not have a starting second baseman this year.


Acccording to Kegal Callaspo, Teahen, and Bloomquist could platoon all season. Yes, a three way platoon at second base, the new market inefficiency!

Fangraphs ranks the Royals System


Overall: C- The Royals are a clear step ahead of the previous three teams, but still have an awful lot of work to do before they could ever be considered a legitimate World Series contender. Unfortunately, the moves the team has been making over the last year don’t inspire an awful lot of confidence that the team is going to make the necessary transition in philosophy, and filling out the roster with replacement level veterans is simply never going to work. With a smaller paryoll, they have to emulate the Cleveland/Oakland/Minnesota/Atlanta philosophies of getting big returns on small invetments, and right now, that’s just not happening in Kansas City. Suffice to say: Ouch.

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