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Five Things to Remember When Suggesting a Trade

  1. Players are, in effect, properties. It isn't just about their talent, but their contracts. Would you rather buy a two bedroom house for $100,000 (David DeJesus) or a three bedroom house in the same neighborhood for $250,000 (Lance Berkman)?
  2. Even without considering his contract, Jose Guillen is close to valueless on the trade market, so don't wear yourself out thinking of trade scenarios involving him.
  3. Ditto Scott Podsednik.
  4. Along the lines of #1, prospects and pre-arbitration players are extremely valuable, and teams realize this now more than ever.
  5. It is always possible that one team, even the Royals, could blatantly rip off another, but keep in mind that Dayton Moore already runs the Royals.

My Top Five Suggested Replacements for Trey Hillman

  1. Joe Torre. Is he ready to accept the ultimate challenge and massage the Royals into winners? Because he totally could.
  2. Bobby Valentine. The roller coaster saga of Joe Posnanski's enthusiasm followed by disillusionment makes this a no-brainer.
  3. Mike Sweeney. His faith makes him the near-perfect Dayton hire. His Baird-era connection makes him the perfect 2012 scapegoat. This Grass Creek double agent deserves a reward for his outstanding work.
  4. Tony Pena, Sr. Veteran leader Jason Kendall would give him plenty of clubhouse "slug," so this wouldn't just be about unintentional comedy. Okay, yes it would.
  5. Buddy Bell. He was right about at least one thing -- it can always get worse.

Five Things Heard Regarding the Royals About Two Months Ago that Now Seem Remarkably Dated and/or Insane

  1. Should the Royals extend Kyle Davies long-term now, or wait until after the season?
  2. Mike Jacobs' OBP is at .340 after six weeks, so you guys should stop making jokes about his on-base skills.
  3. With the way this team is hitting, Alex Gordon may not have a place in the lineup when he comes back.
  4. The Royals should look into signing Ben Sheets to put them over the top for the playoffs.
  5. MGD: The Big Three

The Five Least Valuable Position Players in the American League at the Moment According to WAR (FanGraphs)

  1. Vernon Wells -1.3
  2. Orlando Cabrera -0.9
  3. Jose Guillen -0.9
  4. Yuniesky Betancourt -0.8
  5. David Ortiz -0.5

Monthly Individual OPSes by the 2008 Royals Worse than Mike Aviles' .518 in April 2009 (non-TPJ division)

  1. Ross Gload, May: .380
  2. John Buck, August: .411
  3. Miguel Olivo, July: .445
  4. Jose Guillen, July: .446
  5. Joey Gathright, June: .479
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