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Amazing Royals Facts: Melky Cabrera & Jarrod Dyson


Melky Cabrera is not terribly patient.

Top Five Reasons to Love the Rick Ankiel Signing

  1. Ankiel combines the outfield defense of Scott Podsednik with the plate approach of Mike Jacobs.
  2. He's the best free agent pitcher Dayton Moore has signed in two years.
  3. Kansas City now holds the record for most free agent outfielders acquired in one offseason without improving on Mitch Maier,.
  4. A 30-something right fielder who has been connected with HGH and is a bit of a headcase? What could possibly go wrong?
  5. Since Rany Jazayerli really wanted the Royals to sign Ankiel, this obviously paves the way for a tearful, on-air reconciliation with Dayton on the first "Rany on the Radio" of the 2010 season.

Free Talent Alert


With too many outfielders and a full 40-man roster, the Rockies have designated corner outfielder Matt Murton for assignment. While no future star, Matt Murton is a nice player who can hit for average, take a walk, avoid strikeouts, hit the ball in the gaps, and play an average to slighly above average corner outfield. A right-handed hitter, he has mashed LHP (career: 306/374/483, 857 OPS) while holding his own against RHP (career: 276/340/412, 752 OPS). Only 27, he is under club control for four more years (although he may qualify for arbitration next year as a Super 2). There is not a lot of upside, but with regular playing time, he could be a league average (~2.0 WAR) player -- maybe a little more with an age 27-29 peak bump -- for near the league minimum. At the very least, he would make a very good fourth outfielder, especially for a team with two left-handed hitters starting in the corners (like say David DeJesus and Mark Teahen). And yes, a right-handed (and cheaper) Mark Teahen is a fair comparison. This would be a little move, but one that could push the Royals back in a positive direction at little cost.

Yes, That Happened. Royals Lose 1-0 and Fail to Support Greinke Again


It's getting harder and harder to care about this team on a daily basis. I actively dislike about half the roster at this point and I'm somewhere between really and truly rooting for losses and...

There’s certainly nothing wrong with the Braves Way, which (along with the services of three Hall o...


There’s certainly nothing wrong with the Braves Way, which (along with the services of three Hall of Fame pitchers) helped Atlanta to 14 division titles. But someone needs to tell Dayton Moore, Dean Taylor, J.J. Picollo, and all the other guys that came over from Atlanta: it’s not 1995 anymore, fellas.... while the rest of baseball is moving forward, the Braves Way seems bent on proving that you can still win with scouts alone. It’s not a coincidence that the Braves themselves have fallen on hard times the last few years, or that the purest distillation of the Braves Way in a single player, Jeff Francoeur, has turned into, well, Jeff Francoeur.

Rany Jazayerli. I eagerly await Dayton Moore's post-2010 interview in which he says that "we have to improve our Ultimate Zone Rating," followed by a 4-year, $70M contract for new LF Adam Dunn a week later.

A Note on My Criticism of Posnanski


Here on media relations day in the Royals blogosphere... Last night, I characterized Joe's blog post on the Royals offense as "cowardly". In particular, I took issue with the post's...

Miguel Olivo's Fascinating, Remarkably Dumb, Almost Useful, 2009 Season


Miguel Olivo is one of the dumbest hitters in the game, yet talented enough to almost pull it off.

It's Time To Start Asking Some Tough Questions About the Kansas City Royals & Dayton Moore


Royals Review wonders if it is time to take the gloves off regarding Dayton Moore and the floundering Kansas City Royals.

The Misery Continues for the Royals


Another loss for the reeling Royals. Is it time to rethink the Dayton Moore era?

Sometimes, "I Told You So" Isn't All That Fun: Mystery WAR Graph II


Mystery WAR Graph II involves something I was right about, but I wish I wasn't. Yay guys who hit home runs and do nothing else.

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