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Something for the ladies


We may not win the pennant, but we'll win any beauty contest you put us in. I like the Brandon Duckworth shooter look.

Scoreboard unveiled for New Yankee Stadium


(Source:  Engadget HD)    Here's the press release and a description of the massive piece of technological eye candy: The Diamond Vision™ scoreboard has 8,601,600 LED lamps and is...

Baseball Prospectus's new spokesmodel


Welcome to the baseball world, Stacy Szydlik. I wonder what her resume looks like. Age: 19 Measurements: 36C-24-36 Experience: - I've watched multiple baseball games - Miss Hennepin Country 2007 Thanks for taking the high road, BP. I fully expect her to be in a bikini in BP's next little video bit. But maybe I'm wrong. Maybe she'll be posting an article soon which revolutionizes fielding stats. But I'm not holding my breath.

Five Fun Facts About Ben Hendrickson


As thedude925 has already ably pointed out the Royals picked up Ben Hendrickson from the Brewers yesterday, in exchange for our beloved Maxim St. Pierre. (Hendrickson stats here)To commemorate this...

Royals Radio Affiliate Profile: Ulysses Kansas [1420 KULY AM]


While owners beg for tax monies and teams look to build their own "networks" its nice to remember that on a warm summer night you can find three or four baseball games on the radio. In an ongoing...

Royals Radio Affiliate Profile: [1450 KBFS-AM] Belle Fourche, South Dakota


Nothing says "summer in America" like listening to baseball on the radio. In an ongoing series, Royals Review highlights the once and future regional appeal of the Royals by exploring the Royals...

Royals Go Mel Gibson on Themselves


Look at it this way, the Cardinals have lost 7 straight, and they are in a pennant race. So it could always be worse.Before 12,022 captivated fans at the K, the Royals fell to the Twins 8-2....

Jenn Sterger is a Better Writer Than Me And What It Has To Do With Buddy Bell


As Adam Sandler once sang, "someone kill me please". Your humble blogger does his best to write about the Royals twice a day for the entire 162 game season; which isn't easy considering the Royals...

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