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Baseball's Back Already?


The 2009 baseball season's here. The Royals are in the unusual situation of having a shot at the division while still working on long-term rebuilding.

From the Anti-"Mother's Basement" Royals Blog, now less than 24 hours old...


From the Anti-"Mother's Basement" Royals Blog, now less than 24 hours old ~RN http://haplessroyals.blogspot.com/ -------------- But there is a dark side. The side of the internet I want to systematically destroy. The holier than thou, I know everything about baseball, Baseball Prospectus followers (otherwise known as "Mom's Basement"). Now, don't get me wrong, I have nothing against the website. Why is that you ask? Because they fucking charge for it! And I'm not about to pay for some shit that their mindless lemmings will post REPEATEDLY on every blog, forum and whatnot on the internet. You know who you are. The guy that goes into the forum and posts EVERY made up stat known to nerdly mankind. WARP, VORP, WHIP, BABIP, and every other weirdo stat that website has brainwashed into your daily lexicon. I don't even know what half of that shit means. But here's what I do know. YOU, yes YOU, Mom's Basement, are NOT Royals fans. You're not even baseball fans. You're STAT fans. You don't care if Jose Guillen hit 20 hrs and 90 rbis last year, something that no other Royals had done in longer that most people care to admit. All you care about is that his FRUP isn't up to VORP standards. You don't care that Mark Teahen gives more to the community of Kansas City than anyone else not named Frank White. All you care about is that he isn't the moneyball fanboy you all pegged him to be after reading that ridiculous book a few years ago. And so on and so on. My point is, give it up. Stop pushing your stupid fucking opinions on everyone else. Just because you're a moderator or administrator of a fucking Royals website does not mean you're not a scrawny little man in real life. Everyone hates you, both on the interwebs and in real life, although you hardly notice in real life because for that to happen, you know, you'd have to put on some clothes and leave your fucking desk. But make sure you ask Mom for permission to leave the house. She still worries about you even though you're 30 and still living at home. Oops, I'm sorry I forgot, you moved into your own apartment. But, uh, guy, your Mom's basement, even if it has its own entrance is still Mom's house.

Don't talk to Marty Brennaman about Adamn Dunn's OBP


The most recent edition of the "Reds Hot Stove League" radio show featured a contentious but one-sided exchange between a caller ("Kenneth from Dayton") and the Reds' long-time announcer Marty Brennaman. Caller: People here don't realize that Pat Burrell and Adam Dunn don't get paid $12 million to hit .300. They get paid to hit home runs; that's it. Marty: No, they get paid to drive in runs, is what they get paid to do. Caller: And hit home runs. Marty: No, unh-uh. Home runs are incidental. It's run production that they are going to get paid for. Adam Dunn hits 40 home runs and barely reaches a hundred RBI's. Caller: But, if you're going to talk about potential run production, look at his on-base. Marty: (angrily) I don't care about -- I don't care about his on-base! I get so blasted tired hearing some people talk to me about Adam Dunn's on-base percentage. Adam Dunn ain't paid to walk. Adam Dunn's paid to hit home runs and drive in runs for God's sake, and they can take off, uh, they can take off the walks, and you're out of here! (hangs up) . . . Marty: We are heading toward a break. Don't call and talk to me about Adam Dunn's on-base percentage-- Thom: You sure? Marty: --because it pushes my hot button. Thom: I would have never known. Marty: I'm tired of hearing about how many times he walks. He was paid to hit home runs, paid to drive in runs. He homers; he doesn't drive in runs. Thom: You know, you're too old to get worked up like this. So bizarre. Not only does Marty not want to hear about something that is actually more important to a team scoring runs (OBP), but he fails to realize that Dunn actually has driven in a hell of a lot of runs. Radio sports talk guys get this way sometimes. "Don't talk to me about what is really important for a hitter. I know what's important for a hitter! Batting average! [or] RBI's! [or] How he hits with runners on base!"


Top 10 pitching prospects

This list is preliminary for the offseason. Looks good to me for now though. 1) Daniel Cortes, RHPAge: 21 | Team: Northwest Arkansas Naturals (AA)2008 Vital Line: 3.98 ERA,110.2 IP, 106/53 K/BBC...

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