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Royals Review Prospect Pulse: September


Royals Review breaks down the top Kansas City Royals prospects as the 2010

Royals Top 30 Prospects: #18-13


We now cover prospects #18-13.  Some of these players (Herrera, Fortuna, and Sample for example) are in about they same place I would have ranked them last year--or perhaps they even dropped a...

Recapping my predictions for the 2010 Royals Prospects


Back in March, I gave my prediction of what the Royals Top 20 Prospects would look like at the end of the season.  So before I start into my real 2010 Royals Prospect List, I thought I would look...

Royals Review Prospect Pulse: September


A review of how the Royals top prospects have performed over the past month.

2008 Royals Draft Review


It's been a year since the Royals spent a record amount on the 2008 draft. Are the Royals getting their money's worth?

TotalZone on Second Base Prospects


A look at the fielding of top 2nd baseman prospects through through TotalZone

AL Central Farm System Values


Part of an interesting series over at Beyond the Box Score. I don't know much about this stuff, but it's worth checking out. He calls the Royals' system "underrated." Beware, the author doesn't say that the Royals have 2-3 aces in the making or compare Little Guido to Chase Utley, so he might be another just another jerk who is totally biased against KC and doesn't know what he's talking about.

2010 Top 20 Royals Prospects


Who will be the Royals Top Prospects a year from now? We look into the crystal ball at how the minor leaguers will fare in 09.

A Perfect Fit


Another brilliant signing by Royals GM Dayton Moore.

Kevin Goldstein on Giavotella, Moustakas and Kaaihue

BL (Bozeman, MT): You've seen Johnny Giovatella (Burlington) play, I think characterized him as having a low ceiling but a great approach. Can he move quickly, and can he be a second base solution for KC? Kevin Goldstein: Yes and yes. Not a star, but solid. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Base (Burque): Is this the type of season Royals' fans should expect from Moustakas? Medium-well avg w/ well-done power numbers? ( why don't scouts use steak temperatures as adjectives? Seems natural) Kevin Goldstein: No. He's better than the whole of his season. He really took a while to get going, and that's totally understandable. I think he's a monster and that the .321/.392/.557 line he put up after the all-star break is more indicative of his true talent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trey Hillman (KC): Should I say "screw Shealy and Gload" and just play Kila full time here on out? Kevin Goldstein: I think you should. He's the guy with a chance at filling that spot next year, so let's see what you got.
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