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My Top Five Suggested Replacements for Trey Hillman

  1. Joe Torre. Is he ready to accept the ultimate challenge and massage the Royals into winners? Because he totally could.
  2. Bobby Valentine. The roller coaster saga of Joe Posnanski's enthusiasm followed by disillusionment makes this a no-brainer.
  3. Mike Sweeney. His faith makes him the near-perfect Dayton hire. His Baird-era connection makes him the perfect 2012 scapegoat. This Grass Creek double agent deserves a reward for his outstanding work.
  4. Tony Pena, Sr. Veteran leader Jason Kendall would give him plenty of clubhouse "slug," so this wouldn't just be about unintentional comedy. Okay, yes it would.
  5. Buddy Bell. He was right about at least one thing -- it can always get worse.

Five Bits of Advice for Sam Mellinger Upon His Promotion to Columnist for the KC Star

  1. If you're going to pick a pitcher for a man-crush and series of columns, make sure and do so during a season in which he's going to gets shelled into oblivion.
  2. Play your cards right, and one day you might just get an unsolicited phone call from Mike Sweeney in order to further explain his long-awaited admission that , during the 2000 season, after having a blackberry schnapps, he once snapped and called Ann Landers a "boring old biddy."
  3. "What is Ken Harvey up to now? " is good for at least one column a season.
  4. Savor the feeling of this promotion. You will remember this day for the rest of your life.
  5. Two words: Farnsy Log

Revising Poz's 2010 Royals lineup

It's been a while since I did a FanPost here, but it's a lazy Saturday (it shouldn't be, I'm insanely busy). I noticed that Joe Posnanski posted what he thinks is the likely (not his preferred)...

No one saw this one coming


"Finally, it was their night. Baseball really is a lot more fun when it’s your night to dream." JoPo recapping last nights magic as only he can.

Banny's Best Pitches Are Belt-High


Good stuff at BtBS by Harry Pavlidis, the guy who did the "Soria as a Starter?" series at THT. Still getting a grasp on all this pitch f/x run value by location stuff, but worth checking out.

The weird thing is that my opinion about Mike Jacobs as a baseball player has not changed at all....


The weird thing is that my opinion about Mike Jacobs as a baseball player has not changed at all. As a baseball evaluator, I still see all his weaknesses outweighing his strengths. As a GM, I would not have traded for him. But as a baseball fan … I just enjoy the heck out of watching him step to the plate, kill or be killed. The other day, he faced Cleveland’s Jensen Lewis, and he took a high fastball for a ball, and then watched a 90-mph fastball go by that was right in his wheelhouse, I mean the perfect Mike Jacobs pitch — 90 mph, just above the knees, outside but caught too much of the plate. That’s the sort of pitch you only get once, and you could see Jacobs grimace for a second as if to say, "Man, that was it." ....Two pitches later, stunningly, Jensen Lewis threw that exact pitch again. This time it was 87 mph. And this time Jacobs did swing. He jumped out of his shoes to swing. And he hit it 700 miles to center field. It clanked off the railing out there, bounced behind a wall, an absolute mammoth shot. Will he do that enough to make himself a valuable player? Maybe not. But, yeah, it will be fun every time he does it.

JoPo expresses his (and my own) current thoughts on Mike Jacobs

JoPo finally weighs in on the Jacobs deal


I'm embarrassed to say I've been waiting for this since the deal was announced. In short, Joe doesn't like it. There goes his invitation to have Thanksgiving Dinner overlooking the Plaza...

The Inevitable JoPo Column about the Tony Pena, Jr. Bobblehead


Classic JoPo: the qualified criticism of TPJ's ability (He's a nice guy! He's a great defender!) along with not mentioning Dayton Moore in connection with him; "compliments" to Alex Gordon (he'll be an All-Star one day! Just like Mark Redman!) followed by a lengthy criticism of his defense, strikeouts, batting average, unflattering historical comparisons; the mournful retrospective glances at Beltran, Dye, and Damon; the long historical digression on Norm Cash (Hey, Joe, does a mere 11% walk rate this year really count as Gordon "improving his plate discipline?" So generous.) Still, as usual, it's well written, and whatever the specifics, Posnanski does a good job of illustrating his overall point about the vagaries of fandom. This should definitely make the anthology. Keep it up, Kiddo.


The Joe Posnanski Drinking Game

Everyone loves Joe Posnanski. OK, I'm not sure about that. But everyone should love Joe Posnanski. I won't go into all the things that are great about Posnanski's columns, blogs, and books. That's b...

Bannister on the source of his day/night splits


Hopefully, regulars at this blog ready JoPo's as well, but I just loved this quote: "The hitters tell me my fastball looks faster when they’re still a little hungover." Plus, more creepy texting from Bannister and his writer-in-home-port Posnanski.

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