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Kansas City Royals celebrate victory by 'Fandangoing'


Kansas City Royals celebrate win by playing Fandango's theme music.

Quick hits: Vick, Lakers, NBA Draft


Michael Vick is released from prison. Lakers take Game 1 against the Nuggets, 105-103. This could be a good series. L.A. Clippers win NBA Draft Lottery; Criticism runs high, given that the worst...

TT 2/1: In Which Recruiting has Gone Bananas

Today's Tidbits cover cheating, Mark Price, and recruiting rollar coasters.

Hellickson Or Shields? Royals Targeting Pitching


Rumors seem to be flying that target a pair of Tampa Bay Rays as potential trade targets for the Kansas City Royals

Kansas City has become a terrible sports town

Kansas City has long had great sports fans, but the current ownership groups have treated them with terrible products on the field at the Truman Sports Complex

Root Root Root For Anyone But the Yankees...

Fate is on the side of the Washington Nationals and Texas Rangers to meet in the World Series, as neither team features any former Kansas City Royals

Expectations Past And Present For Jake Odorizzi And The Kansas City Royals

Kansas City may use pitcher Jake Odorizzi out of the bullpen first, but the rookie is set to make his first major league start over the weekend against the Cleveland Indians.

Kansas City Royals Continue To Pull Me Back In - "I Can't Quit You Baby"


Kansas City has played some exciting baseball over the past three nights, as the Royals capped off a sweep of the Cleveland Indians with a Alcides Escobar walk-off hit in the bottom of the 11th...

Royals Trade History: A Look Back At The Last Time KC Traded With Each MLB Team


We take a look back at the most recent trade Kansas City has made with every other major league club. There is one club the Royals haven't traded with since 1978.

Interview With Royals Prospect Terrance Gore: Speeding His Way Through the Minors


Gore has hit .321/.429/.376 with 32 stolen bases (in 34 attempts) in 61 pro games. He says "when I get on base the whole game changes." He also walks us through his draft process and a day in the life of a minor leaguer which starts by waking up at 5:30am.

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