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Shutdowns, Meltdowns, and Saves

"For the longest time, saberists would denigrate the Save, commenting about how its rules were convoluted, it didn’t properly value relief pitchers, and it put an undo stress on the ninth inning. And all that is true, but we couldn’t get people to stop and listen as we didn’t have any alternatives to point at. Now, though, those days are past." - Steve Slowinski

Uncommon Survivor: Redemption Island - Week 5


Uncommon #Survivor: Redemption Island - Week 5

Most Meltdowns by MLB Teams

  1. Royals 24
  2. Diamondbacks 19
  3. Red Sox 18
  4. Reds 18
  5. Dodgers 18

Anger Sweeps Across The Land As Royal Bullpen Blows Another Greinke Start


Weak Royal Bats, Bad Bullpen, Betray Zack Greinke Again

Yes, That Happened. Royals Lose 1-0 and Fail to Support Greinke Again


It's getting harder and harder to care about this team on a daily basis. I actively dislike about half the roster at this point and I'm somewhere between really and truly rooting for losses and...

Royals Waste Another Strong Greinke Start, Lose to the Immortal Luke French


Well that was horrible. Horribly predictable (zing!). Zack Greinke is -- no hyperbole here -- having one of the best seasons a pitcher has had this decade, and the Royals are 10-8 in his starts....

Positive Thoughts Open Thread


We've (meaning mostly "I've") gotta mix it up a little bit, if only for a few hours on a Saturday morning at the very least. I think in the last four or five days I've probably set some kind of...

King-Sized Letdown as Royals Blasted by A's in Long-Awaited Luke Hochevar Debut


I know you're angry! (Harvey Milk voice) I'm angry! But hey, Cleveland is 12-22! (crowd cheers madly) ## So, it was another loss, only this one was a laugher, a game that was over by the third...

Worried About That Meltdown in LA?


Well you shouldn't be, according to Seamus O'Callahan of the dallasstars.com. Thursday's loss marked the fourth such meltdown loss for the Stars in LA in just over the last three years. And after each of the first three, the Stars went on an extended unbeaten streak.

A Stunner in the Twin Cities: One of the Worst Royal Lineups of the Decade Falls to the Twins


I'm tired of watching Ross Gload. I'm tired of watching Jose Guillen. I have a vague unsatisfied desire to see what Ryan Shealy can do. I would love to see Kila. Personally, I'm bored with Billy...

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