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MLBTV Breaks Down Royals Prospects


A brief discussion about both Crow and Moustakas, and a more in depth discussion of Myers and Montgomery.

Keith Law: Top 100 Prospects

17. Eric Hosmer Hosmer had just gotten his feet wet in pro ball after signing late last summer when the Pirates decided to drag him into their argument with Scott Boras and Pedro Alvarez, costing him a handful of at bats at the end of the Pioneer League's season; fortunately, he's talented enough to overcome the loss of a little development time. Hosmer was the top high school bat in the 2008 Rule 4 draft; he has quick wrists and shows big raw power, especially on any pitch that allows him to get his arms extended. Like a lot of left-handed power hitters, he doesn't like the ball in on his hands, but the hole is small and he can make a pitcher pay for a mistake that catches a little too much plate. Hosmer was also a decent pitching prospect in high school, touching 94 mph, so he has the arm to play right field and is probably enough of an athlete to handle it as well; at worst, he's a plus defender at first. He should be in the middle of Kansas City's lineup in three or four years. 44. Mike Moustakas Moustakas had an odd year, to say the least: He spent the first half of the season as an awful defensive shortstop who couldn't hit a lick (but was young for his league), and the second half as an offensive machine who was sort of passable at third base. Moustakas has a great swing, a smooth left-hander's stroke with good plate coverage and hard line-drive contact. He has intermittent power; his swing doesn't have great loft, and he needs to get his arms extended to really drive the ball, but it is in there when he gets the opportunity to use it. Physically, Moustakas offers no projection; he's 6-0, around 200 pounds or slightly more, and already thickset, with below-average speed. He was never going to stay at short, and he may not stay at third, where he was improved but still has a lot of work to do on reading balls and improving reaction times. It has been said before, by me and others, that Moustakas should be behind the plate. He has a 65-70 arm, has a catcher's body, and caught a little bit in high school. The Royals have no catching prospects of note, and any questions about Moustakas' power become irrelevant if he's catching, because his bat will be plus back there at 15 homers a year or 30. As a catcher, he'd be top 20-25 overall.

Shameless self promotion


Over the past month, I did a review on every minor league team. self promotion, i know. just thought you guys would be half way interested. AZL Royals Burlington Royals Idaho Falls Chukars Burlington Bees Wilmington Blue Rocks Northwest Arkansas Naturals Omaha Royals

Kevin Goldstein on Giavotella, Moustakas and Kaaihue

BL (Bozeman, MT): You've seen Johnny Giovatella (Burlington) play, I think characterized him as having a low ceiling but a great approach. Can he move quickly, and can he be a second base solution for KC? Kevin Goldstein: Yes and yes. Not a star, but solid. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Base (Burque): Is this the type of season Royals' fans should expect from Moustakas? Medium-well avg w/ well-done power numbers? ( why don't scouts use steak temperatures as adjectives? Seems natural) Kevin Goldstein: No. He's better than the whole of his season. He really took a while to get going, and that's totally understandable. I think he's a monster and that the .321/.392/.557 line he put up after the all-star break is more indicative of his true talent. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Trey Hillman (KC): Should I say "screw Shealy and Gload" and just play Kila full time here on out? Kevin Goldstein: I think you should. He's the guy with a chance at filling that spot next year, so let's see what you got.

Ex-Royal Randa is impressed with Moustakas


Article from KC star, i'm sure most of you have read it or seen it already, but its still pretty cool. "He got off to a slow start and is only hitting .240 or something," Randa said. "But this kid has legitimate power. I think he’s going to have big-time power when he reaches the big leagues. He’s got 12 or so home runs there, and that is not a hitters’ park or a hitters’ league." Joe was not only impressed with Mike's hitting ability, but his attitude. "He’s got such a great attitude and knows he doesn’t have it all figured out yet," Randa said. "He really works hard at all phases. When I was up there, he kept taking ground ball and ground ball, and finally I had to shut him down." "I just said, ‘Dude, that’s enough for one day.’ But he doesn’t want to quit."

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