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NEWSFLASH: Butler on Pace to Be What Butler Has Been


On pace to end season with ~2.5 fWAR. @What a jerk.@

Diary of a Losing Team: Batting Champs

But I think there’s something else going on here beyond the numbers. It seems to me the Royals have a motivation problem. I think the problem is not that the Royals lead the league in hitting — it is that they seem to WANT to lead the league in hitting, like it is their goal. And that would be a real problem. Posnanski

Facebook Group: Retire #29 For Dan Quisenberry


The recent accidental removal of a memorial tree by MODOT was a shame and an embarassment, but it calls attention to a more embarassing issue. Dan Quisenberry's number is not among the retired numbers at Kauffman stadium. Nor is there a statue honoring him. Nor is he a member of the National Baseball Hall of Fame. All of which the late Mr Quisenberry surely deserves. This group's mission is to call the Royal's organization to this fact and encourage them to rectify it immediately if not sooner. It's QUIZ Time!

Deadspin: Why Your Stadium Sucks


Deadspin's review of MLB stadiums makes it way to The K.

KC to HOST 2012 All-Star Game!


From Mellinger's "sources".

Rany weighs in on the recent moves


"More to the point, I don’t see how sending him to Omaha helps any, as he’s already proven he can pitch down there. He’s likely to learn more pitching out of the bullpen than he would in Triple-A." Sounds familiar. Although, the 4 man rotation for the next few weeks is somewhat of a safe cover. Why not use him in the pen though?

No one saw this one coming


"Finally, it was their night. Baseball really is a lot more fun when it’s your night to dream." JoPo recapping last nights magic as only he can.

Tribe Reaction


not encouraging any shennaigans, just liked the part he wrote at the top. "...8,000 cold Kansas City residents were chanting "Let's go, Royals!" And they meant it. They were watching their boys eviscerate the presumptive divisional favorites, and they felt a sea change."

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