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Blue Rocks Photos From July 4 @ Potomac

Mrs. RR and I traveled to Woodbridge, VA on July 4th to watch the Blue Rocks take on the Potomac Nationals. We actually live about two blocks from the Iwo Jima Monument in Arlington, which is...

Holiday Royals Links: Reactions to Anderson, Pirate Payroll Debates, Christmas in Sweden


  Royals: 2000 Draft Recall: Best, Worst, and in Between | Kings of Kauffman | A Kansas City Royals Blog Royal Revival: Top Prospects: #38 Salvador Perez The Royal Tower: TRT's 2010 Prospect List...

Royals Top 30 Prospects: #30-25


Here we are: the Top 30.  I plan to go through them 6 at a time and then do a wrap up/overview of the Royals system.  Since we are doing only 6 at a time, I'm able to squeeze in some previous...

doublestix's five Minor League predictions, March edition

  1. Eric Hosmer will narrowly miss becoming the second Royal in a row to win the HR tital in the Midwest League, as he is promoted to Wilmington in late July. He enters 2010 as the Royals #1 prospect and a consensus top 10 prospect in baseball.
  2. Daniel Gutierrez develops his changeup and rips through three three levels of minor league baseball, including three starts in Omaha at the end of the year. He is the Royals #1 pitching prospect entering 2010, #3 overall, and top 50 in baseball.
  3. Salvador Perez plants himself at the top of the Royals catching prospects with a stellar season at Burlington hitting behind Eric Hosmer.
  4. Breaking on to the scene in 2009? Royals 2008 8th round pick Malcom Culver. The second baseman shows excellent speed and hit tools in Burlington, North Carolina, and plants himself inside the Royals top 25 for 2010.
  5. Chris Nicoll will get a September call up after converting back to a starter and showing excellent control and strikeout numbers between Northwest Arkansas and Omaha. He's easily a top 15 prospect for 2010, and only that low because he'll be 25 at the end of the season.

Top 3 catcher prospects

1) Sean McCauleyAge: 19 | Team: Idaho Falls Chukars (R-Adv)2008 Vital Line: .278/.347/.385, 28/17 K/BB The Royals got a steal in the 12th round last year when they selected catcher Sean McCauley...


RR Minor League Project: Burlington (NC) Hitters' Update #1

With 15 games under their belts, the Pride of Some Small Part of North Carolina, the Burlington Royals, in what we can only hope is a small-sample-size-influenced anomaly, have quickly established...


RR Minor League Project: Burlington Royals Position Players

If this year’s roster is any indication, the Royals intend on using Burlington for their international player short-season destination.  Of all the position players, only 6 of 13 hail from the...

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