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Dayton Moore's Optimistic Projection

In a recent radio interview, Dayton Moore said that, despite the Royals' strong September, he was disappointed in the season, as he had the team projected to win 78-82 games. Maybe he is just...


"OT" - Back in Maine

Yeah, so no one cares about boring personal stuff and blah blah but just so you all now, the I'm back up at school for the last two semesters to finish off my psychology degree. What with moving...

Dear Dayton Moore, Please Call Up Kila Ka'aihue


Okay GMDM, you may have noticed we have a slight problem scoring runs this season. You may have noticed that this was true last year, as well. The player who was brought to help fix this problem,...

Game 132 Overflow Thread


I bet you didn't know that I, too, can blockquote from books! This one is from Breakfast of Champions by Kurt Vonnegut, part of a conversation between the main character, Kilgore Trout, and the...

"OMFG, we won!" or "56-74"


We did it. We broke the vaunted Curse of Will Getting Married. With a heroically crappy effort by Brandon Duckworth and an offensive explosion for seven runs in six innings off former good pitcher...

Game 128 Overflow Thread


Another Bannister start, another good time at the ballpark for the opposition. To be fair, Bannister's two home runs allowed have been Miguel Cabrera solo shots. Just think, if he could avoid...



No loss ever feels good, even when you play with the grit of a Ross Gload type, but this one stings where it hurts. Gil Meche was absolutely stellar after allowing three runs early, two of which...



And so we return triumphantly to last place.   After everything that happened in that game, somehow you just knew that it would come down to Brett Gardner versus Jeff Fulchino. Blah blah blah...

Game One Billion Overflow Thread


The Royals are down 3-2 in the sixth, and Jo-El has come in to save the day after another "meh" outing by Hiram. Jose Guillen is so clutch that he doesn't even have to shift when he drives a stick. ...

Game 112 Overflow Overflow Thread


The Royals are up 12-2 in the seventh. Our offense is doing its best impression of actual major league offense yet again. There was an exciting brawl that I missed and AJ got punched so that's...

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