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mlb.com talks to Hillman about mlb.com's favorite subject--the Yankees


Why is this a story on mlb.com? Is this reporter his friend trying to get him a job with the Yankees or something?

Gameday Preview says Gordon's "likely" to start at 3rd today


I agree that Alex is likely to play, but does anyone feel that Hillman will coddle him in the upcoming weeks? I just have this suspicion that we'll see him missing some starts or something, like a Bloomquist at 2b and Callaspo at 3rd with Gordon on the bench versus lefties. I'll pull my hair out. On the bright side, out of the group of players performing over their heads right now, Callaspo's not one of them, and his play doesn't seem likely to threaten Gordon for a spot at 3rd. I'd hope that's a moot point with Getz on the DL, but as long as Bloomy roams the mlb clubhouse, we'll have room for uncertainty. That being said, what does everything think Alex is going to do in his next 5 games?

Bloomquist in the starting lineup


Even though I knew this was a possibility, I can only muster a one-word reaction: Bleh...

Waechter to DL, Freel release waivers requested


I am shocked... SHOCKED... that no other club wanted Ryan Freel. What is the world coming to? And by that, I mean "To what is the world coming?" Don't worry, though, I'm sure the Cubs will still make out OK. I'm waiting for the announcement on that PTBNL; Vegas odds show Mike Montgomery and Dan Duffy as the front runners. Teahen is the dark horse candidate (if, of course, the Royals agree to pick up the rest of his salary).

Video Interview of Trey at a much happier time....


YouTube interview of Trey three years ago. It's a religion-based conversation, but somewhat interesting to listen to--especially after the contrasting mood we heard tonight. Part II of the conversation can be found here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Rsku55W2lk4&feature=related

810 WHB Soren Petro's Interview with Trey Hillman


Talks about Callaspo hitting 2nd/7th, having DDJ hitting down in the lineup or up at the top, returning Farnsy to a more important role in the bullpen, Kevin Seitzer's job security, Tom Glavine, getting back to .500, and defensive miscues in Tampa. Added bonus: He mentions terms such as "sabermetrics," "small sample size," "higher leverage," and OBP. Good, insightful interview.

Hillman's Future


Looks at other AL Central rebuilding efforts to see how long their respective managers lasted. How long will Trey Hillman last?

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