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Watching Yuni Play Everyday: Tango on UZR, Betancourt, and the Fans Scouting Report


Commenting on R. J. Anderson's response to Dayton Moore's comments on Betancourt and defensive metrics, Tango agrees:: "I do NOT believe in UZR trends. I DO believe in Fans’ Scouting Report trends. Without the Fans’, you look at the +2, +1, -1, -13, and see that someone who was a bit lucky his first three years, and very unlucky last year. With the Fans, that -13 is scary looking." If Tango is so smart, he'd be working for a baseball team! What's that?

This Week in Totally Adequate Sample Size Theater: Royals UZR/150 through one week


FanGraphs will be updating UZR every Sunday. Since we now definitely have enough of sample to get at each player's defensive skill, we can project that over a full year using UZR/150. DDJ: +12.9 Billy Butler: +62.0 Alex Gordon: +13.6 Mike Jacobs: +5.9 Alberto Callaspo: +11.9 Mark Teahen (RF): -0.3 Coco Crisp: -7.1 Mark Teahen (2B): -27.6 Mike Aviles: -18.1 Jose Guillen: -92.0 Willie Bloomquist: -148.4



UZR on Fangraphs! Using BIS stats rather than STATS, as in regular UZR. If I read it right, there aren't arm ratings or double play ratings currently Some 2008 Royals ratings (in runs, at primary position, not prorated as per 150 games, although that is available. And yes, don't freak out, one year's data isn't conclusive. And two years isn't really, either): The Smirk -3.1 (hey, not as bad as we thought, c heck out 2007) Avilanche: +14 (F- yeah!) JoGui: -0.1 in LF, -5.6 in RF (-12.5/150). Not quite as bad as it might have been Teahen: +.2 in LF, -2.8 in RF (ugh), -2.7 at 3B, .6 at 1B (could he be any more confusing? or confused, probably?) Callaspo: .4 at 2B, (looks about average in abbreviated playing time over 3 years... this could work) DDJ: -3 in CF, +11.9 in LF (28.3 over 150) Crisp -5.6 in CF 2008, 25.2 in 207, 1.3 in 2006 (which one of these is not like the others?) Billy Baconater: .1 in 2008, 1.4 in 2007 (look out Hal Chase!) Grudz: 1.3 Justin Huber: 1.8 (19.4 per 150!!!!!1111 Look out Franklin Gutierrez) Mike Jacobs: -11.6 (as if he wasn't going to be the punchline.. and this is the best rating I've seen for him in any defensive system) Now to start working on a (likely worthless) projection system...

2008 Team Defense Rankings according to PMR


Another post from BtBS analyzing team defense using David Pinto's (of Baseball Musings) Probabilistic Model of Range. A cool variant on a play-by-play defensive evaluation system. Yeah, um, just keep scrolling down to find the Royals. Anyone else think defense isn't that important?

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