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Blue Rocks Photos From July 4 @ Potomac

Mrs. RR and I traveled to Woodbridge, VA on July 4th to watch the Blue Rocks take on the Potomac Nationals. We actually live about two blocks from the Iwo Jima Monument in Arlington, which is...

Late Night Royals Links: Prospect Talk, Strasburg, Advance Scouts, Synthetic Life, The Perfect Wag


Royals: 9 innings with pitching prospect Greg Billo " Royals Prospects Rany on the Royals: Wilmington. 14 for 77: First Half Tops and Bottoms Royals notebook | A new angle to Meche’s recovery -...

Adventures in Low-Level Boredom: A Frawley Stadium, Home of the Wilmington Blue Rocks, Review


So what happens when an obscure blogger devoted to a fourth-place team spends a Saturday trying to watch a single-A baseball game? Less than you might think. So here's the short version: my wife...


Wilmington Blue Rocks No-Hit by Levi Maxwell

(Though it was just a 7 inning game) Link     Winston-Salem right-hander Levi Maxwell pitched a no-hitter against the Blue Rocks this evening, as the Dash won 4-0 in the first game of a...

Wilmington Blue Rocks Have Thrown 38 Consecutive Scoreless Innings


No, that isn't a typo. Basically, the Blue Rocks' collective staff has been as dominant as Zack Greinke was during his ridiculous scoreless innings streak. Oh, and get this: the last run scored was a solo homerun off of the bat of Jordy Mercer. If that ball wouldn't have left the park, it would be at 52 innings, now. 52 innings. That has to be some sort of record, or something. So, yeah. 1 run in 52 innings. Zero in 38. Four conescutive shutouts (it would be 6 if the Homerun didn't occur, with the 7th game being a 0-1 loss). And yes, the Blue Rocks' hitting is about as talented as ours, so the pitchers are pretty much forced to put up such performances to win.

Minor League Recap: 2008 Wilmington Blue Rocks


Recapping the 2008 season for the Kansas City Royals affiliate in Wilmington, Delaware.

Shameless self promotion


Over the past month, I did a review on every minor league team. self promotion, i know. just thought you guys would be half way interested. AZL Royals Burlington Royals Idaho Falls Chukars Burlington Bees Wilmington Blue Rocks Northwest Arkansas Naturals Omaha Royals


RRMLP: A quick look at the high minors.

I took a quick look at the stat sheets from the Royal’s top three minor league teams today and thought I’d pass along a few of my thoughts.  (At this point I picture all of the Royals Review...


Lack of Offense in the Minors

The Royals' strength, obviously, is pitching. It is evident in the major leagues, and is evident in the Top 10 Prospect lists that are strewn around the internets. GMDM's strong point, without...

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