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Royals 2011 ZiPS posted


Happy Real Thankgiving. Gotta love Dan's way with words (even if MS Paint Billy is absent): "What the Royals do have is an amazing farm system, up-and-down, there are a number of potential stars, starters, and even an impressive slate of guys who should be solid role players. The biggest question facing the Royals in the near future is how Moore will handle transitioning these players into major league roles. For example, Mike Montgomery or John Lamb are likely to force their way into the rotation, but what happens to the players that can contribute but whose impact in the majors is less than utterly and completely obvious? Butler and Greinke were treated well by the organization, but Moore's management style towards non-stars under 30 seems to be best described as hostile indifference. So in recent years, there's been a situation in which useful players like Ka'aihue, Aviles, Gordon, Maier, and others are just kind of "hanging around." Sure, they'll keep getting at-bats when they play well, but they're always bad road trip from being benched and their opportunities never seem to follow any logical train-of-thought derived from the organizations strengths or weaknesses. So you end up with situations in which Willie Bloomquist ends up being a starting corner outfielder because Moore's played Sgt. Schulz with talent, despite corner outfielders better than Bloomquist being easier to find than abandoned houses in Detroit." After the BLF goes to sleep, I'll spend some more time looking at these and converting into wOBA/FIP/WAR/etc. and convincing myself that people care.


What Should We Expect Going Forward from the Royals' Offense?

With the end of the Royals' best first month of the season in recent memory, fans are understandably wondering how sustainable it is. Obviously, the pitching has been good  (some young guy whose...


Updated ZiPS Projections

Player Rest of Season Total Olivo 245/268/417 241/262/408 Butler 277/344/426 271/343/411 Callaspo 283/338/372 297/349/394 Aviles ...


Choose-Your-Own WAR Projection! 2009 Royals Position Players

As one of the millions of people who undoubtedly read yesterday's Driveline Mechanics column on optimizing the 2009 Royals' lineup, I have little doubt you saw all those numbers for the Royals...

Your Mike Aviles Mega-Projection


Looking at all the projections for Mike Aviles in 2009.


The Numbers Are In: What Do the Projections Say About the Royals' Rotation in 2009?

So, yeah, I'm supposed to be working on some "So what is..." posts for the Stat Glossary, but I don't really work here, so I'll get to it in my own sweeet time. And, yes, I should really be working...

Yeah, I know it's a bit old, and the wound has maybe just healed up. For some reason I just saw...


Yeah, I know it's a bit old, and the wound has maybe just healed up. For some reason I just saw this, and, well, I couldn't resist. Sorry. If you want one that targets another team/GM and is even funnier, click here.

ZiPS Projects Justin Huber


Drumroll please. .244/.303/.386, 316 AB, 10 HR, 40 RBI, 23 BB, 88K That's 33 fewer OBP points than CHONE projects for Willie Bloomquist. The math has to be off here somewhere.


Good News, Everyone! You Can Help the Royals Somehow By Giving Them a Mo(o)re Accurate Community Projection!

As I'm sure you all remember my award-winning CHONE-based projections combined with a spreadsheet from Beyond the Box Score for the 2009 Royals that came out long ago (and by long ago, I mean e...


ZiPS Projections for Gordon, Teahen

2009 ZiPS Projections for Alex Gordon and Mark Teahen

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