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Readying the Curtain- Royals (56-105) at Jays (79-82)

Time to say goodbye to the 2005 Kansas City Royals, although we know they'll never leave our memories. This afternoon at Rogers' Centre its Runelvys Hernandez (8-13, 5.35 ERA) against Gustavo Chacin (12-9, 3.82 ERA).

Hey, how about this?!? Buddisimo has taken T-Long out of the lineup! I guess, being Game 162, its now time to start getting a look at the kids. Wise Buddy, wise.

Redefining Dreadful. But I guess last night was good. I'm still amazed this team ended up winning 56 games. I thought 45 was a real possibility.

Update [2005-10-2 16:42:18 by royalsreview]: Well, its a 7-2 final in Canada. Emil Brown wraps up his team RBI total with a nice homer in the 8th. Not much else of interest occurs... 2005 Wrap-up articles to come this week, so stick around. Plus, theres always the ex-Royals in the playoffs angle.