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Vindication: Royals Review Pushes DeJesus to the Top

The results are in, and thanks in no small part to a voting push led by this blog, David DeJesus' throw home in the first inning of a game the Royals lost has been named the Top Play of 2005.

Hmm... I wonder how this play will compete against the Top Plays from the 29 other teams? Surely its gotta finish in the Top 10... A great throw home to nail Johnny Damon! Against the Red Sox! Thanks to that play, the Royals were able to only lose 8-5, instead of say, 9-5 or worse. Better still, this heroic play took place during the team's epic 19 game losing streak.

Whats not to like here?

Congrats DDeJe, I know you're proud of this honor. Good luck in the next round.