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Vote or Die: Select the Royals Play of the Year

Well, I guess theres something to be said for finding the meritorious submerged beneath a deluge of horribleness. Only that kind of ethos can be behind the KC Royals official website promotion asking us to select the 2005 play of the year. An anonymous PR staffer writes,

Vote for the 2005 Kansas City Royals Play of the Year

We've assembled the cream of the crop of this year's top Kansas City Royals plays from the regular season. Relive each play by clicking on the video links below. Once you've made up your mind, simply click the vote button below to select your choice for the Kansas City Royals Play of the Year. Voting ends at 5 p.m. ET on Nov. 9.

You can visit the official "ballot" here, or find it easily enough on the team website.

Angel Berroa is represented well, as is now former Royal T-Long. The choices are as follows:

Stairs' Grand Slam against Detroit(7/14)

"Berroa's Defense" against the Tigers on 7/16

Sweeney's 2nd Homer Against the White Sox(7/27)

"DeJesus' Throw" against Boston on 8/3

"Long's Game Saving Grab" against Boston on 8/24

Berroa's Squeeze Bunt against ChiSox on 9/8

I like the fact that DeJesus' magical throw against Boston happened in the first inning... perhaps the fact that he nailed Johnny Damon had something to do with it. Even better, the Royals didn't even win the game

As Puffy told us last year, "Vote or Die", so lets follow his sage wisdom and ensure that... well... that one of these choices wins. I suggest we throw our support behind the DeJesus play myself: Royals 2005 Baseball- Occasionally Vindicative, Rarely Successful.