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Salary Disparity: An Item That May Only Interest Me

A quick glance at the Royals' salary listing reveals something interesting:

1. Mike Sweeney $11,000,000

2. Matt Stairs $1,200,000

3. Jeremy Affeldt $950,000

4. Angel Berroa $500,000

How very Wal-Mart of the Royals, eh? Now, a few things: 1) this will likely change a bit, as the Royals inevitably sign a mid-level free agent at some point for 2-3 million per and 2) don't construe this as instance #4,992 of Sweeney-hating in the Royals universe, Mike is the Royals best player, and he's the one guy who seemed legitimately interested in staying out of the Damon/Dye/Beltran/Sweeney jumble.

Given what we know about Damon now... he's almost like a Rodman figure, with his Detroit days almost seeming like a completely different human being.

But back to the salaries... thats still, like... umm... a tad odd don't you think? When the number one guy makes nearly 10-times more than anyone else? Hell, even Wal-Mart has a bunch of Presidents, VPs, etc that all pull in comparable money...

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