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Someone Kill Me Please

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Well, this is certainly horrible. Lets overpay for one of the most overrated players in baseball, and at a position where its always easy to find the next Emil Brown, Raul Ibanez etc.

Royals make a play for Jones

A little birdie says the Kansas City Royals have offered Twins free-agent outfielder Jacque Jones a $24 million, four-year contract.

Jones, 30, was paid $5 million last season, when he hit .249 with 23 home runs and 73 runs batted in. The last-place Royals have $25 million to spend on free agents this winter.(twin

How is this a good idea? Seriously?

"Hey, this guy's turned 30, swings at everything, can't hit lefties (.201/.247/.370) at all and threw down a sub .300 OBP in May, August and September. We've only got a small chunk of cash to work with, so lets spend it all on one sub-optimal player!"

Update [2005-12-5 20:58:33 by royalsreview]:Now that the Indians have signed Paul Byrd the Royals should have more money availible to offer Jacque, plus the added mental and emotional incentive to "get something done".

On both accounts, hurra!!

Look for a minor Royals signing or two this week, on the heals of the Winter Meetings. Personally, I anxiously await Allard's next move.