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The One Thing We Can Hold On To

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This team, with this roster and this manager, will find a way to get Super Joe McEwing 200 outs made in '06.

Amazingly, this actually is a solid way to make the pursuit of Minky seem half-way sane.Thank goodness we had to run Calvin Pickering out of town after something like 75 ABs.

I'm convinced Allard's not dealing freely anymore. There was likely a three or four year period when he was given a free reign (and no money) to do anything. Now, with the public gesture of spending being made, those above Allard seem to be pushing his decisions. Since they're like, you know, financing them.

Its not a good situation. Not when the pressure's manifesting itself in such a blatantly horrible way.

The Pickering case is a good example of something strange going on. Dude semi-mashes to close '04, Allard spends all winter saying he'll get a shot, including through Spring Training, when he publicly beats out All-Star Ken Harvey. (I'm sorry, "All-Star" Ken Harvey.) Then, just like that, the team quits on Pickering.

Same club that nearly gave us a decade of Dee Brown.

It just doesn't all add up. ALthough the Redman deal is looking better with each passing insane FA pitching signing.

With my Minor League contract in hand, I'll surely make the 25-man Roster at the end of Spring Training. You do realize I can bunt and play multiple positions!"