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The Awe-Shucks Wisdom of Buddisimo Bell

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Its always fun to read these off-season stories. Theres just so little to report during this season, and its possible that the Royals really never have much interesting to report... Lets roll through this little gem from

Some of the Royals piled into a van for a caravan trip into Nebraska this week. On the trip were catcher John Buck, third baseman Alex Gordon, broadcaster Denny Matthews and manager Buddy Bell.

I wonder what they talked about? Did Rush come back to drive the fan? Who controlled the radio? I picture a classic rock crowd. I really think Gordon threw on the iPod, and Buck and Denny traded small talk the whole time... Bell looks like a control freak with the AC/Heat controls.

Bell, on the way back to Kansas City on Thursday, gave us his assessment of the trip:

"It went fine. It was good for me as someone who's not real familiar with the area to get outside of Kansas City and see where the rest of our fan base is prominent. The people were very receptive and very friendly and it was a nice deal, really.

"We went to a couple of schools where all they wanted to see was Sluggerrrr, which is good, and in some cases, they wanted to see Alex so that freed up the rest of us for the most part.

Freed you up to do what? I thought the whole point was that you like were supposed to talk to people on this trip? Considering dude's only supposed attribute is being vaguely personable, you'd think he could handle a crowd of 8-year olds.

"But there were quite a few questions, mainly about the pitching, and what we were going to do to get better after last year?

"What I said mostly was that we were going to have a little bit different mix next year. That we were going to have some veteran guys that we were going to fit into places where we don't have core younger guys. And, you know, the last couple of weeks have been productive. There's nothing official, but there have been some guys in for physicals and things like that and things are looking a lot better than they were even a month ago.

I wonder if this was as akward in person as it seems to be in print??? "Coach, will you be better next season?"


"You know John and how well he handles himself and I was impressed by Alex as well. He doesn't say a lot, but he's pretty confident and very respectful and very popular. He handled himself terrifically.

I wonder why he's confident? Moreover, I'd prefer if Bell spoke as Tony the Tiger when in Sluggerrrrr's presence. Alex Gordon, he's terrrrrrrrrific!

"It was nice to get to spend three days with him and get to talk to him about his family and playing first base and third base. He said he liked first base; my take on that is that he just wants to play, he doesn't care where he plays which is what we like to hear.

It sounds like an enlightening and high-level conversation. Have you ever had a conversation with someone about their family that wasn't boring as hell? And, damn, I can only dream about how that talk about first basemust have went, considering Bell's intellect (bi-yearly incorrect lineup cards) and Gordon's aforementioned reticence:

"So, you cool with playing first base?"

"Yea. Whatever."


"But it was good for me to just get around. We were in Nebraska for a couple of hours and I thought we were still in Kansas. So it was nice to get my bearings."

We've all been there Buddisimo. We've all been there.