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News and Notes from the Pre-Holiday Depression

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Personally, I prefer the "Renovate the K" tax money grab than the "Build Us a New Stadium" version. The current proposal released today is the latest maneouver from the Royals, and possibly a nice compromise and possible stopgap against MLB's inevitable contraction scare coming up when the 2006 season ends:

Jackson County officials, the Royals and the NFL's Chiefs agreed Thursday to a $575 million renovation project of the Truman Sports Complex. In its letter of intent, the Glass family ownership agreed to contribute $25 million to the plan and pay for any construction cost overruns at Kauffman Stadium. The team would also sign a new 25-year lease that would take them through the year 2031.

The bulk of the funding would come in the form of a 3/8 cent county sales tax levy -- to be decided on by voters in an April 4 election. The Chiefs will also contribute $75 million, with the state of Missouri providing $50 million via tax credits.

If the levy were to be approved, what would it mean to fans attending Royals games?

Wider concourses. Renovations would bring a 40-percent increase in the square footage of Kauffman Stadium. It would widen concourse areas from the current 18 feet to 45 feet.

Wider concourses! Wider concourses! Not exactly an exciting, awe-inspiring offer, but not one without merit...

And of course, after falling short in the Jacque Jones' sweepstakes (thank God), the Royals continue their pursuance of Reggie Sanders: reported that Kansas City is close to a two-year deal with Sanders worth around $10 million. But Royals general manager Allard Baird didn't characterize the situation quite that way.

"We've had conversations that have been moving forward," Baird told on Thursday morning. "I don't believe in close. You either have a deal or you don't."

I'd prefer two years of Sanders to three or four of Jones, although in reality its all just another inconsequential waste of money in the name of some higher pursuit of 70 wins and a shadow of "respectability".

Gregg Jeffries for the Hall.

300 doubles. Not bad. Interesting guy who never lived up to the hype of 1988.

Not totally sure why the Royals are pimping his eligibility so hard however.

Update [2005-12-24 12:10:32 by royalsreview]: And as you all know by know, the R's have signed Reggie Sanders and Joe Mays... Look out Tigers!