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Royals Acquire Redman

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Lemme guess: you thought it was Tike too? Nope, the slightly more desirable Mark Redman, of Tigers-Marlins-A's-Pirates lineage. From the press release:

The Royals got a veteran left-handed starter on Wednesday when they acquired Mark Redman from the Pirates for young right-hander Jonah Bayliss and a player to be named later. Redman began 2005 strong, posting a 2.80 ERA in his first 14 starts.
Sports cliche alert: its not how you start, its how you finish. (Ohh, he went 1-11)

Not being a Jonah Bayliss devotee, its hard to analyze this move right away. Although I love the incredibly non-flattering quotes from Allard and Buddisimo:

"He can suck up a lot of innings," said Royals manager Buddy Bell. "I want a guy who can throw some good consistent innings."

"He's a typical left-hander -- a command guy, hard and soft, with a good changeup," Bell said.

But will he be better, or cheaper, than D.J. Carrasco... that is the question.