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Introductory Post, Sound the Royal Trumpets

Hello everyone out there... and welcome to Royals Review. In most things in life, everyone shows up at the beginning, then leaves, but with websites it is the opposite; so as I'm doing now, you write introductions to a new site and send them out into the formless void. For the last year, I've been writing about the Royals over at my old site, Royals Nightly, and it has been a strangely rewarding process. Despite the utter depressingness of the Royals. Recently, Blez over at contacted me about working with him on a new Royals blog, and the rest is history. As you can tell, the site has a kind of pre-imagined usage implied by its layout: the idea is that you should become an active member here, sorta like a cross between a blog and a message board. So sign in, post diaries (like a "comment" on steriods) and keep reading. I have high hopes for this site. It remains to be seen whether those hopes will follow the path blazed by the Royals in 2003, at say, mid-season or not. But we can dream until then. -Will McDonald