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Game 36- Rays 3, Royals 2 (9-27)

Thanks to Sweeney needing a few days off, there is absolutely no risk that the Royals will score more than 4 runs in a game. In fact, I actually don't even know how that could possibly happen, although I guess last night is a perfect counter-example.

But when its Royals-Rays you throw out the records anyway, these teams don't like one another that much.

DJ threw a good game tonight, as did Cerda and (gasp!) Mac... Of course Burgos gave up a homer in the 9th, but the Royals had to lose somehow.

Look, as Rob and Rany recently suggested, theres really no reason for the kid to be up here right now. Sadly, the more I think about it, is there anything to be gained by having anyone in a Royals uniform?

Hmm... Well, I guess theres the need to shop Sweeney, and, in a bizarro world maybe the Yankees will trade for Harvey or something too (Giambi for Grimace straightup?) so theres that. And I guess its good that DeJesus and Teahen are getting major league experience which will hopefully help them get better. And yea, maybe Gotay and Berroa too. I guess.

Plus, we've got to use up Greinke's service time to the best of our ability.

And there is the service the Royals provide to the rest of MLB, allowing for a round number like 30 teams and helping to make sure that the Cardinals, who as you know have the "best fans in baseball", completely dominate in Missouri.

Still waiting for that 10th win.