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Game 37- Royals 6, Rays 5 (10-27)

Now batting 3rd and playing first base for your Kansas City Royals, Tony Graffanino.

Is this some trick to make us yearn for Grimace? 'Cause if it is I'm not falling for it. Hell, Graffy's a veritable good-luck charm now, and [insert manager name here] would be an idiot to replace him now. Team chemistry is very important.

Pointless sniping aside, there was alot of good things taking place tonight at the K. First and foremost Run-elvis turned in a solid game, giving up 4ER in 8IP.

If I was a bigger man I would stand up and applaud Terrence Long for his heroic 9th inning catch that preserved the victory. But, well, I'm not a bigger man, I'm actually a very petty one. And I don't cheer on T-Long because I still can't understand why he's a Royal in the first place.

Lastly, we need to talk about the Royals amazing 7 walks tonight... The Royals are capable of going a week without drawing that many walks. Just imagine how many they could have had if Berroa wasn't in the lineup? Coming into the game the Royals were 27th in baseball in walks drawn, averaging 2.55 a game. Kudos to Matt Stairs... those 3 fat walks (and a single to boot) are well-recieved in the middle of an otherwise inept offense.

Double Lastly, can we now say that the league has caught up to Sisco?