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The Royals enjoy an off-day today, no doubt basking in the glow of their two game winning streak... We can see the White Sox a bit closer now boys, only 16 games back!

A quick look at some stats.

Royals VORP Leaders


Greinke- 11.3
Sisco- 9.4
Runelvys- 4.0
MacDougal- 3.4
Wood- 3.0


Sweeney- 19.3
Stairs- 8.0
Berroa- 1.6
Brown- 1.6
Graffy- 1.1
Teahen- .6
Super Joe - .6

The Royals also feature 8 hitters who are performing below replacement level, including Eli, Harvey, DeJesus, Buck, Gotay, T-Long and Diaz.

Pickering too, but we can't quite list him in the present tense now can we.