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Game 39- Orioles 12, Royals 8 (11-28)

Horrible enough for you?

After two innings, the Royals led Baltimore 8-2. In the second, with the bases loaded and one out, Buck and Teahen each struck out, and only a passed ball allowed that eighth run to score. When Teahen left two men in scoring position to end the inning, it seemed like a big deal, despite the lead. And it was.

The Royals would not score again, nor really even come close. In the third Gotay was caught stealing (botched hit & run) and double-plays in the sixth and seventh insured that the Royals would not win.

Fair enough, I guess Baltimore's good this year, and they've certainly proved they can hit. As noted in the game preview, Lima-Time gave up three homers in just three innings, leading to a 7ER performance (ERA now 7.77). Cerda & MacDougal allowed another four runs, but it was fait accompli at that point. Game over, everyone knew it. (You didn't think Mac could go three straight good appearances did you?)

I still don't understand the Royals refusal to play Pickering, preferring to keep him at AAA and play Tony G. at first. Sick thought: maybe they are showcasing him for a future trade.

13,000+ watched this amazing performance tonight in Kansas City.