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Game 40- Orioles 7, Royals 4 (11-29)

Before 10K at the K, the Royals lost a critical game on Wednesday night, falling another game behind the White Sox, and prompting a realization that the team may have to focus on the wild-card race this year.

The good news is that Sweeney returned to the lineup, alongside All-Star and "proven run-producer" Ken Harvey. Clearly, this was a near-league average lineup on display. With expert out-makers surrounded by hustling scrubs like Super Joe McEwing, its a miracle the R's ever lose.

On a serious note, I think its finally and ultimately safe to say that the league has caught up to whatever it was that Sisco was cooking. On May 1st his ERA stood at 1.00, after tonight's game, in less than 7 innings, he's raised it up to  2.66. Thats a bigger jump than it seems given the small number of innings. It was nice to see Wood & Burgos not allow any runs, which hasn't happened in tandem in awhile. Don't think Burgos is doing any good up here, but then again, whats the point of complaining? Nothing really matters anymore.

Day game tomorrow, then the fabled rivalry series against the Cards. I'm guessing at least 25,000 fans will be wearing red at each weekend game.