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Game 41- Royals 7, Orioles 4 (12-29)

"Between the darkness on the street, and the houses filling up with light". This game totally eluded me, falling at an inopportune time, after which I feel asleep quickly coming home from work. Not sure what ends were served by having a Thursday afternoon day-game, but it was the leitmotif of today's schedule, so I'll roll with it.

Good to see the Royals get a win today. A modicum of competitiveness does a fan good, and Emil Brown may have staved off the bench for another few games with his huge homer in the third. In just one game the Royals picked up a triple, two homers, two steals (with no caughts) and thanks to Matt Stairs, six walks. The one-two punch of Berroa and T-Long (dedicated out-makers) was an embrassment as a lineup choice, but Berroa did manage a solo homer.

Nicely, Nunez-Cerda-MacDougal combined for 5.2 scoreless innings, and it sure seems like this is the first good game Cerda's had all season (which I'm sure isn't true), and the fact that he earned only his third "hold" tells you something about both how little he's done, and how rarely he's really had the chance.