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Game 44- Royals 9, Cardinals 2 (13-31)

The Royals welcomed back Jeff Suppan warmly this afternoon, with a little help from David Eckstein. First and foremost, Suppan's first inning demonstrates the inherent silliness of the earned-run rule. Sure, Eckstein's foible on the grounder from DeJesus made things worse, but the Royals ended the inning with a double-double-error-homer flurry. I know I know... its just silly, in a not very actually funny way. Suppan pitched terribly today, but leaves with only 3 earned runs on his ledger...

On the other hand, the Royals got a rare and unexpected good start from Ryan Jensen, allowing only 2 runs in 5 innings. Being in a Royal, it smacks of hit-luck and or smoke and mirrors; Jensen struck out only three batters, and also walked three. So yea, I'm not expecting him to be involved in the next big Yankee trade. Ohh wait, actually, just maybe...

(I don't trust Cashman's judgment anymore.)

Meanwhile, the daily Royals lineup ranges from comical to tragic, depending on if one's taken a positive attitude towards the faint possibility of Emil Brown's upside. The insane Berroa: "Leadoff Man", mis-casting rolls on, gathering speed and inertia from its own blind stupdity. Berroa's taken two walks in the month of May, so its not like he's 100% incapable of getting on-base via a non-single. Just, like, 95% so.

But rue this day you evil Cardinals. The mighty Royals triumphed over you today, and, at least for one game, asserted their unquestionable dominance over you.