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Game 45- Rangers 4, Royals 3 (13-32)

Just another typically depressing loss by our Royals tonight. In an alternative universe one might be upset with a game like this, especially given the psuedo-disaster in the 6th inning in which Diaz was thrown out at home.

Ohh well, another decent outing by a young Royal pitcher wasted, another evening of lost opportunities at the plate. On the positive side, Angel Berroa continued his mini-renaissance at the plate, even notching his third walk of the month of May, which stands as some kind of minor achievement.

As has been the case in just about every Royals season in the past 15 years -- save the miracle 2003 run -- the Royals simply don't win road games, and their probably even money to get swept in Arlington. The Royals, who don't get walks and don't homer, need roughly 5 singles to expect to score a run. Thus, in tonight's game they drew three walks, hit three doubles, a triple and 6 singles; which combined to produce only three runs. Sure Diaz's triple was cute, and might help someone win the "triples" category in this week's roto-head-to-head, but a homer would have scored a run, while the triple left it too much to chance.

Lastly, Sisco surrendered another HR, his third allowed and raised his ERA above 3.00. In the month of May, Sisco's struggled mightily, posting a 6.23 ERA, a 2.19 WHIP and a K/BB total of 11/10. Basically, his performance has hurt the team, at exactly the moment when he was beginning to be seen as an asset.