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Game 46- Rangers 7, Royals 3 (13-33)

Greinke seemed a little off tonight, but he wasn't all bad: 5.0IP, 6H, 4ER, 3BB, 4K. Of course, Bob Schaefer indulged his recent bit of fetishized insanity by having Tony G pinch hit for Matt Stairs at the end of the game. I honestly have no idea why the decision was made to have Graff lead-off the inning , rather than Stairs, although the ever-present lefty-righty explanation probably does the deed well enough.

Like the inane Berroa-leadoff experiment, the Graffinino at bat worked, but possibly to the extended detriment to the team later on down the line.

Regardless, the game was basically over at that point, so none of this really matters. I do think Shaefer is over-managing, which is reflected in his pinch-hitter fetish. I think there are real problems with this approach, especially given the off-chance that the Royals would have forced extra-innings. The fascination with Super Joe McEwing however, is absurd, this guy is bringing nothing to the table, and I'm not sure what good Teahen's confidence is recieving watching a guy with a career OPS of .669 hit for him.

Thats ----ing ridiculous.