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Game 47- Rangers 8, Royals 1(13-34)

And to think, many of us in the Royals community we're in favor of the return of LimaTime. One thing I've never quite figured out, is why teams don't platoon pitchers the way they do hitters. Lima's problem for his entire career has been the homer, so  what harm would have been done by gerrymandering the rotation a bit and having him not pitch tonight in Arlington?

Lime allowed homers in the 3rd, 4th and 5th innings, and as we have seen repeatedly this season, he did not give the Royals a chance to win the ballgame. Lima's season ERA is now at 8.13, and the innings pile is getting big enough that he's really gonna have to work just to get down to the 6.50 range. Of course, our own Royals-experience should teach us patience (especially since nothing matters anymore) as we remember Brian Anderson's inspirational run at adequacy in the second half of last season.

As for the offense, letting Graffy start at second was a kinda cool move, but Bob had to counteract it by giving Super Joe a start at 3rd base. McEwing's 0-3 lowered his BA to .273, and the further it gets from .300 the better. Yes, I'm officially rooting against him as much as is possible; he's existence on the bench, and his ever-present attractiveness to managers looking to make a point is dangerous. Very dangerous. Teahen need to play for heaven's sake, and if we are going to continue to jerk him around we might as well send him to Omaha and let him practice his stroke.