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Game 50- Angels 7, Royals 6 (13-37)

It looks like the Berroa experiment is finally revealing its own utter stupidity. Berroa dropped an 0-5 yesterday, producing outs with the best of them and lowering his OBP to .291. Sadly, the lineup's core actually had a decent day, and had Berroa ever been on-base, the Royals might have scored that 7th run and had a decent shot against the Southern California Angels of Anaheim.

Schaeffer's over-managing continues, but at least he let Teahen complete the game this time. I guess the standard is, "if you hit a home run, you can get 4 ABs". Not that the McEwing fix wasn't met through other means however... Super Joe did get to pinch run in the 9th, which should be the extent of his job description.

Beyond another loss -- does it even matter anymore -- the game's largest disapointment was the rough outing of Runelvys Hernandez, allowing 7 ER in 5 IP... As has been pointed out before, Runelvys seems to really labor on the mound, and its possible that he's not fully conditioned yet from his year and a half hiatus due to TJ surgery.

Sisco managed a scoreless inning, in a relatively low-leverage situation, so perhaps theres something to look forward to. Weirdly, the Royals almost came back and won the game, not that that was expected or even sought... Darkness gathers again over the team, inching closer to the 2003 Tigers with each disastrous day.