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Game 51- Royals 5, Yankees 3 (14-37)

Ending nearly two months of anxiety for the hundreds of Royals fans scattered across the Midwest, Zach Greinke earned his first "win" of the season, scraping by with a 5 IP 3ER performance Tuesday night. All season, this has been the kind of game that Greinke ends up watching fall apart from the clubhouse, but surprisingly Wood-Sisco-MacDougal combined for 4 scoreless innings and justice was served.

As mentioned before, the Royals essentially have a singles-based offense, and tonight was no different: 8 singles, 2 doubles, 3 walks and a sac fly. Matt Stairs and Emil Brown combined to go 4-7 with a walk in the middle of the lineup, and T-Long, Teahen and Gotay did enough at the bottom of the order to get the Royals to 5 runs against a semi-resurgent Kevin Brown.

Buddy Bell has never lost a game as the Royals skipper, and tonight's glorious triumph improved his career managerial record to 346-462. Clearly, the crowd of over 18,000 delirious fans firmly believe that this will prove to be one of the most wondrous nights of the 2005 season.