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Game 59- Giants 9, Royals 7 (19-40)

LimaTime mildly rebounded last afternoon with a 5.0 IP, 6H, 4R, 4K, 0BB performance in San Fran, lowering his ERA to 8.16 in the process. Most impressively, Lima allowed zero home runs, although that might not be that shocking given that the Giants lineup featured Micheal Tucker as its leadoff man. Actually, I'm not sure that has much to do with anything, but clearly this is a damp, dreary and dull Giants team.

Perhaps more surprisingly, the Royals managed to score 7 runs, despite the lack of Stairs and Sweeney in the lineup. Emil Brown continues his miracle run at adequacy, posting a .263/.339/.455 line. Its not great, but its passable, and if, say, the Royals had an otherwise strong lineup, Emil could be seen as part of a winning team.

In a different world, one might quibble with Bell's fealty to Nunez in the 6th inning, as his meltdown effectively ended the game. The Royals' pen is what it is, a scrap-heap with a few supposed prospects, although it is not actually clear who's going to be possibly useful in the long run. Still, the refusal to use one of the "A" relivers in that situation may have ultimately cost the Royals the game, but clearly Buddy Bell doesn't believe in using the good pitchers unless the Royals are protecting a lead. Thus, the R's finished the game with Stemle and Burgos... would bringing in Sisco in the 6th been so hard?? Maybe it was a rest issue, or just a hunch BBELL had... who knows.

Ohh wait, I forgot that individual game results don't matter with this team.

Finally, all hail Super Joe, pointlessly playing in his 30th game of the season yesterday. Joe's current line is .303/.303/.333, which is truly awesome!! Walks? you want walks to from your powerless scrub?? Forget it. Plus, McEwing is an astounding 50% successful in stolen base attempts, which means his scrappiness isn't helping the Royals on the basepaths either! Hurraa!