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Game 60 Open Thread- Royals (19-40) at Diamondbacks (32-29)

Its Zack/h Greinke (1-7, 4.91 ERA) against Russ Ortiz (4-5, 5.62 ERA) tonight in Arizona. On May 15th Greinke's ERA stood at 3.09, and it has steadily risen ever since. At 4.91, Greinke's ERA is the highest it has been all season, and he needs a nice start tonight to semi-build on. Greinke's VORP has dipped all the way down to 3.5, placing him behind teammates Runelvys, Wood, Carrasco, MacDougal and Sisco.

The Diamondbacks meanwhile are living a charmed life, seeing their bodacious offseason of spending payoff in a bizarrely dull NL West -- you couldn't pay me to watch a Padres-Giants game for anything -- as the Snakes have flirted with first place all season. Arizona always seems to be broke, following a terrible business model, and approaching success somehow anyway. Unlike our Royals, who are broke, follow a horrible business model and always struggle.

I trust Buddy Bell will be spouting immense, extreme, and profound knowledge about the Snakes tonight, before, during and after the game. Allard wanted a manager with experience you know, and Buddy led the Rockies to failure for three seasons, so he knows how to lose in Arizona. The 2000 Rockies went 6-7 against the 'Backs, followed by a 6-13 record the next season under Bell. Well, at least Buddy was consistent, he'll get you six wins a season, although it may take 6 extra games sometimes.

According to, Bell looks to establish a "regular lineup and set bullpen roles". Nothing like hollow cliches and patently misguided efforts that will result in nothing. The Royals don't need a set lineup, or bullpen roles; instead, they need to see who can play and who can't, towards the imagined goal of winning someday. Whether or not Burgos or Sisco "knows his role" is frankly immaterial to everything important. And this is the garbage that the team is all but advertising in puff stories... Amazing.