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Game 63- Royals 3, Dodgers 2 (22-41)

Wow, what a cool victory tonight: 9 innings of good pitching, two big homers by two young Royal guns and another win for the Royals under Buddy Bell.

Runelvys turned in his best effort of the season, throwing up a line of 6IP, 8H, 0BB, 2K and 2 ER. The Dodgers only scored on two solo homers, as Runelvys was either lucky or good in that regard. Once again, and I'm sounding like a broken record here, the Affeldt-Burgos-MacDougal love train worked to perfection, combining for a 3IP, 1H, 1BB, 4K line. Umm, we'll take that. Unlike Royals starters, the 'pen, at times, has been capable of striking guys out, which aides in success. Hopefully, Run and Zach can get their K-rate's turned around.

Heck, Teahen even got to play the entire game again. Maybe Bell was serious when he talked about setting established roles. Finally, a crowd of over 15,000 watched the game in KC. Hopefully (feeling hopeful alot tonight, no?) the Royals can be rewarded with some bigger crowds this week, as the team really is playing well.