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Game 64 Open Thread- Dodgers (33-30) at Royals (22-41)

Now that the Royals are over (or is it under?) 20 games under .500 again, the big question is how long it might last? How long can Buddy's Boys thrive with a batting average driven offense and surprisingly good pitching from unknown or untested sources?? Weirdly, Greinke's struggled recently, and LimaTime's Season of Discontent continues on... Is there a good team somewhere in here, escaping to be seen, or is this a mirage, and the bad players will return to bad and the semi-good will eventually return to being semi-good? Essentially, the Royals are winning games, and winning serieses, without Matt Stairs, Mike Sweeney, and Zack Greinke playing well. Huh?

Tonight its Lima Time (0-5, 8.16 ERA) against Brad Penny (3-2, 4.04 ERA) and the Gagne-less Dodgers. Clearly, this will be one of the greatest matchups of the season.