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Game 67- Astros (27-38) at Royals (24-42)

Its Roy Oswalt (7-7, 2.85 ERA) against Royals ace D.J. Carrasco (2-1, 2.33 ERA) tonight at the K. This looks to be a great pitching matchup, although maybe D.J.'s slipper falls off at some point. Oswalt always seems to be one of those guys who is struggling, scuffling and bitching at the umpire all night... but then he leaves having given up three runs.

Last night the Royals offense skidded to a halt against Clemens, but we were treated to two magical at bats by Super Joe McEwing. In other amazing news, Angel Berroa rose to the occasion and drew his fourth walk of the month, which makes June his most patient month of the season thus far. Hurra!!